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Welcome our First World Champion...

We are in Vegas competing at the IBJJF World Masters Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament. It’s one of the biggest events on the Globe and has some of the best competitors.

We had a nightmare trip over here with delayed flights, cancelled flights and what should have been a clean 15 hours turned into a nightmare 26 hours in planes, airports, long lines and our two boys (who did so well) were totally over it at the end.

Our hotel is nice, but not kids friendly and actually the shops etc are not that good. Starbucks once again seems to be our saving grace when it comes to snacks and pick ups.

Ive been cutting / watching my weight and trying to keep it clean. The food here isn’t very healthy so it’s been bananas and coffee - mixed with sashimi and that’s it for the 2 days prior to my fight.

Emma has been amazing with the kids, with the whole trip and takes everything into her stride. She is on weight and ready to go, she is up first.

Day #1 and fight #1 - Emma mauled her first couple of opponents before heading into the semi finals with the last couple of bouts we’ll fought against some very tough opponents. I don’t think that Emma gave up a single point the whole tournament and IS the FIRST Australian to take the GOLD at this event.

Its my first ever World Champion and I’m so proud of her for all the hard work that went into her training and her dedication.

She truly deserved this ❣️

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